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Software Developer

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About Me

Highly motivated, self-starting developer seeking to launch a career building web applications and services. Familiar with development and deployment process for many web-based technologies. I enjoyed finding creative solutions to difficult tasks. This passion for problem solving has driven me to web development.

Work Experience

Software Developer - Lahti Precision Oy - mScales (2019 - Present)

mScales - weighing cloud-service, I’m part of the core development team.

  • Established remote testing and coding development environment using Docker and bash scripts
  • Leveraged knowledge in Full Stack Web Development, JavaScript, Git, and debugged using Chrome Developer Tools.
  • Simplified and improved front-end architecture and build processes
  • Improved codebase health by increasing unit test coverage and monitoring code complexity

Self Employed - Freelancer (2017 - 2019)

I had been setting up websites for myself and friends.

  • Website development
  • Custom pages
  • E-commerce shop development
  • Wordpress themes

Latest Projects

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Redesign of the site is a change of the old graphic design of the site to a new, more relevant and modern one. From time to time, the site is redesigned by all companies that keep up with the times.

The task was to make a complete redesign of the site and as a result customer got a completely new site. It was implemented on WordPress.

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React Blog App

I completed the Full Stack Web Development online course at open university specializing in highly focused, immersive training centered on language fluency, object-oriented programming, and project-based learning. As result I’ve created Blog App

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Brain Games

This is actually a terminal game that consists of different maths tasks. Here is an incomplete list of the key components of any modern js application:

  • Package Manager (npm, yarn). Manages dependencies, performs hooks, and describes the project.
  • Babel (Transpiler). Allows you to use new features even if they are not supported by the runtime.
  • Eslint-Linter. Checks the correctness of the code for compliance with coding standards.
  • After completing the project, I’ve learned set up own projects, connect new libraries, navigate the code structure, and gain basic debugging skills.

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    Angular CRM App

  • Built using Angular best practices.
  • This template is built using Angular 7 and includes examples of many of the features the Angular framework provides.

  • With the power of Angular CLI
  • The Angular Command Line Interface (CLI) is a powerful tool to initialize, develop, scaffold and maintain Angular applications. It’s really nice to see how this tool has evolved in recent months. It’s by far the most advanced command line tool and it will help you and ease drastically the development workflow. The Angular CLI makes developing Angular projects a breeze.

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